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Club Information – History


1991FlyerTimberline Toppers Square Dance Club was organized in 1989. Bob and Linda McKinley contacted their former instructor, Charlie Tuffield of the Kilowatt Eight's and he suggested Harold Davis as an instructor. Harold and Donna Davis began lessons in February of 1989 at the middle school with one square in attendance. Harold accepted the payment of the evening admissions, often not much, but the group continued to grow and enjoy dancing. In late summer, the class completed lessons. The name, Timberline Toppers Square Dance Club, submitted by Ray and Marge Hill was chosen. Charter members’ badges were presented to the first graduating class of 15 members (Bob & Linda McKinley, Rick & Naomi Backlund, Ray & Marge Hill, George Drake, “Boot” Gordon, Lloyd Baker, Joyce Neiderhelm, Janny Krynen, Faye Sanders, Roger & Gail Taylor and Donna Davis).

In addition to Harold Davis, our early caller/teachers have included John Blessing, Robert “Bear” Miller and Mike Olivieri.

Ray & Marge Hill, who live part of the year in Arizona, were especially helpful as angels in the early years.

Recent Growth

2009ChiliDIn 2006 the lesson schedule was changed to January through March to reach not only full time residents but also the many people who spend their winters in Summit County. This change made a big difference in the number of students we were able to recruit but caused difficulty in finding a teacher willing to make the drive from Denver to Summit County during the winter. We considered trying to teach with videos and records but were lucky to have Dennis O’Neal, a long time member of our club, who offered to teach our new class. We started in January, 2006 with a free chili dinner and introduction to square dancing with “Bear” Miller calling. It was a huge success and Dennis stood up to the challenge of teaching this large class. In 2007 we beat our own record graduating a class of 56 new dancers. This program has continued through 2015 (with various callers), but the chilli dinner was dropped when too many guests left as soon as they finished their chilli.

Round Dancing

Our first round dance class was started in September of 1996 with Carolyn and Harold Myers as our instructors. In 2005 round dancing was discontinued because of a lack of interest and the loss of many of the members who were regular participants. In October of 2006 we had a round dance workshop with good attendance and great enthusiasm. Round dance lessons began again (~2008), with Elaine Fogle teaching and cuing. We continue to have a small contingent of round dancers.


Timberline Toppers Square Dance Club is a member of the Denver Square and Round Dance Council and participates in the activities of this group. The club’s schedule is published in the Denver Council’s bulletin and we submit an article to the bulletin each month. The bulletin keeps us abreast of dance information in the Council’s geographic area and all member clubs dance schedules are published in it.

We support the State, National and USA West Conventions as well as other festivals and dances throughout the area.

The club and dance schedule are also listed on the National and International Directory website, A $10.00 subscription fee is required to access this information. It is well worth the money if you travel and want to dance in other areas as clubs across America and the world are listed here.


2008July4DanceThe club has chosen not to have a “club caller”, instead inviting many area callers to be at the mike. This gives our dancers experience with a variety of callers’ styles and voices. The efforts of our callers are always appreciated as they travel long distances, often in inclement weather, and have to adjust to the altitude which is no small thing at our 9,100 foot elevation.

Members are encouraged to enjoy the many dances held in the Denver area each month. The club also supports our sister mountain clubs, The Never Summer Squares in Granby and Monarch Mavericks in Salida. It is great fun to take a full square to another club and “steal their Banner” as this forces them to bring a full square to our club to retrieve it, promoting and supporting square dancing for everyone. Square dancing outside your own club is fun and the experience makes everyone better dancers.

Timberline Toppers square dancers enjoy good times, dancing together and sharing our activity with others.

Club Officers

These are the people who, without compensation, provide the organization, and perform the tasks required to HOLD YOUR CLUB TOGETHER. Officers work hand-in-hand with the callers to make you proud you belong. Two year terms overlap to maintain continuity within the club.

You elect these officers - come to them with your ideas, have faith in their judgment and decisions and give them the power to act in an emergency for the good of the club. Their success is dependent upon the support of the club members.

Current Officers

Past Presidents

The following have served as presidents of our club:
1990 Gregg Pooley and Donna Davis
1991 to 1992 Dave and Sheryl Wetzel
1993 to 1994 Sharon Anderson and Beverly Rollag
1995 Bob and Linda McKinley
1996 Joe and Faith Allis, Beverly Rollag
1997 to 1998 Wayne and Ruth Haley
1999 Jack Cowger and Elaine Fogle
2000 Quinn and Marie Becker; Bob and Linda McKinley
2001 Bob and Linda McKinley; Laura Bradley
2002 Bob and Linda McKinley
2002 to 2004 Dick and Ellen Rozenhnal
2003 to 2005 Dave and Liz Staub
2004 to 2006 Wayne and Ruth Haley
2005 to 2007 Walter and Janie Briney
2006 to 2008 Paul and Sara Schnabel
2007 to 2009 Dave and Judy April
2008 to 2010 Chuck and Paula Boyd
2009 to 2011 Tom and Kevin Reynolds
2010 to 2012 Robert and Kaaren Gray
2011 to 2013 Jim and Jan Dudley
2012 to 2014 Dave and Jan Bittner
2013 to 2015 Jerry jones and Peggy Gibbs
2014 to 2016 Dan and Cathy Schweitzer
2015 to 2017 Art and Lilly Hardin
2016 to 2018 Robert Graham & Jane Hankison
2017 to 2019 Committee led by Art & Lilly Harden
2018 to 2020 Dave Bernhard & Diane Byers

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